Lent is about being conscious

I’m sticking with the story of Jesus in the wilderness for a few days. This is a story that has a lifetime’s worth of lessons; unlearning and relinquishing control being among the most important for me. The first “temptation” Jesus faced during his time of fasting and contemplation was the urge to turn stones into […]

Lent is about unlearning

This first Sunday of Lent, Christian congregations all over the world heard the story of Jesus in the wilderness. As an allegory, it is full of rich images and meanings. For me, this story is one of Jesus confronting the limitations of his childhood and adolescent images of life. Like all of us, Jesus had […]

From impermanence to unpredictability

Ash Wednesday, for me, is about awareness of my impermanence. I have let that percolate for a couple of days, and it took little thought to get to the next step: unpredictability. Not only is my life time-limited, my life’s end is unpredictable. It is out of my control. I may reach a ripe old […]

Ash Wednesday: Celebrating impermanence

I attended Ash Wednesday service this week. The beginning of the season of Lent. It was somber, subdued, and much of it conducted in silence. It is my favorite church service of the year, which I guess makes me sound a bit morbid. But I have my reasons. This is the one worship experience of […]