Every good-bye is different

I was leading a panel discussion in front of about 200 parents of incoming freshman students.  The mood in the room ranged from bored (it had already been a long orientation day for them) to highly anxious.  The topic of the moment was “Move-in day” and one of the parents on the panel had just […]

Ready, set, prepare–for college

Your son or daughter is about to leave for college.  At some point, you will say “Good-bye” and drive away.  You have said good-bye to your child before, but probably not on this scale.  You said, “Good-bye and call if you need to,” the first time they left the safe confines of your house to […]

Leaving your child at college

I knew I had to turn around and walk away.  The time had come.  I could have prolonged the moment.  I could have hung around to be helpful or supportive or something, but I knew it would just be delaying the inevitable.  I knew the time had come to say good-bye, to entrust my child […]