The joy of being wrong

“The three most difficult things for a human being are not physical feats or intellectual achievements. They are, first, returning love for hate; second, including the excluded; third, admitting that you are wrong.” I used this quote from Anthony DeMello as part of a talk I gave to graduating seniors a few years ago. I […]

What’s the church to do?

This is Temple Baptist Church of Tyler, Texas. It is just an empty building now, no longer a church. The church disbanded years ago. It was the church I grew up in during my elementary school years. I had the chance to see it when Judy I went to Tyler for a funeral about a […]

Some thoughts about the church

I am preparing a sermon for July 19. AAAKH! I have been invited to preach at my former home church in Urbana, IL. The lectionary suggests texts from 2 Samuel (David’s desire to build a temple) and Ephesians where the writer welcomes Gentiles into the church in Ephesus by saying, “You are no longer strangers, […]