Father as a sparring partner

I’m writing this on Father’s Day.  I just spent a week with my two young adult children, ages 29 and 22, who live in Illinois. I am now visiting my 85 year-old father. I am experiencing multigenerational paternal whiplash. I think my father was able to semi-retire from fatherhood within a few months of his […]

I’m sorry, I was wrong

A genuine apology seems a rarity these days.  There’s plenty of poor behavior and opportunities for apologies, but few seem to come.  A middle school girls’ softball practice a few years ago provided a lesson in apology I won’t forget.  I was one of two dads willing to help out as assistant coaches.  While putting […]

Grief: “It comes in waves”

Jeannie slumped forward in her chair, her forearms on her knees, her eyes fixed on the few square feet of carpet between her shoes and mine.  She had been away for the weekend and had driven through the early morning hours to get back to campus for a 9:00 class with mandatory attendance. When she […]