Christmas surprise: When the soprano caught fire

It was a typical Advent worship service. I was the choral director, a job I was ill-prepared for, yet I executed my duties for four years as if I knew what I was doing. During this particular Advent season, I had chosen a simple, harmonic Christmas hymn entitled, “Love Came Down” as the choral introduction […]

Political correctness is getting a bad name

Political correctness is getting a bad name. Throughout this presidential campaign, Donald Trump has insisted that political correctness was killing our country. Candidates generally choose their words carefully, but now, if they are too careful, they can be accused of being PC and contributing to our country’s demise. This has allowed some to say whatever […]

The symbols of Christmas

These are two of the eighteen Chrismons (Christian monograms) we hung once again on our Christmas tree. Judy and I made these Chrismons in the fall of 1974 when I was the Youth Minister for Woodlawn Baptist Church in Austin, Texas. We are hanging them on our tree for the 40th time. They are simple […]