Changing hearts and minds

“Poisonous language doesn’t soften anybody’s heart, it doesn’t change anybody’s mind.” This was Mitt Romney’s response to the verbal attack on his faith.  So what does soften someone’s heart or change someone’s mind? I was one of four people being interviewed on a radio program a few years ago.  The topic was homosexuality and the […]

Time-wasters vs. Distracters

Do you remember the annoying kid in class who, whenever the teacher asked a question, was always waving his arm back and forth, saying “Oh, oh, oh!”  He rarely knew the answer; he just liked the attention.  Well, I often feel like my mornings are controlled by that kid.  Now that I am self-employed, my […]

Preparing sermons and ripping off scabs

If you’ve sat through many church sermons, you’ve probably heard some challenging and stimulating ones, and you’ve heard some boring ones.  At one time or another, particularly during a boring sermon, most of us have asked ourselves the question, “How hard can it be?” My answer to that is, it all depends.  I’ve had the […]