The road

This is the road to the cottage. A small numbered sign on Old Denntt Road, visible only to those looking for it, is all that gives it away. You have to be looking for the tire ruts that simply appear between two trees, and then, by faith, you drive into the woods. This was the […]

What would we do without distractions?

Oh the ways I find to distract myself. Here I am at the cottage in Maine with no electricity and, consequently, fewer distractions. It was dark by 7:30 last night. At 8:00 I turned off my laptop to conserve power for the morning. Then what? No TV to watch episodes of something I don’t really […]

Fiftieth High School Reunion. What!?

I recently attended the 50th anniversary reunion for the Olney High School class of 1967. I went with great apprehension. Some of it was the normal apprehension of being with people you haven’t seen for decades, wondering if you will have anything in common other than some ancient history. But then I had my own […]

When in Maine…

Many of you have heard me talk about the cottage in Maine where I spend a long weekend with my brothers each fall. Well, for the past three years I have been going to the cottage ahead of the scheduled time to spend a few restful days on my own. I am there now and […]

And when it gets dark…

Report from the cottage in Maine: Until three years ago, I resisted spending time at the cottage alone for one reason. When the sun goes down, it’s dark. And it’s remote. And being in a place like this kicks in all my old childhood fears of the dark. I have kerosene lanterns and battery-operated flashlights […]