Letting go of homophobia

I was one of four people being interviewed on a radio program a few years ago.  The topic was homosexuality in our culture in general, and in the church specifically.  The panelists represented several different Protestant denominations.  Two panelists were lesbian; the other two were heterosexual who were affirming of gays and lesbians.  It was […]

What if… Part II

Several years ago I woke at 2:00 a.m. in a cold sweat, filled with the certainty that I had ruined my life and the lives of my family members.  My mind began darting around like a scared squirrel, but I did not know where my distress was coming from.  It was a couple of hours […]

What if… Part I

One of my favorite forms of emotional self-abuse is to engage in long musings of “What if”.  This is the futile, tail-chasing exercise of running mental scenarios of what’s ahead if this or that happens.  I have been holding this game at bay for the past couple of weeks.  I can hear my inner sinister-self […]