OK, “Hire me” is pretty shameless, but there it is.

This page is under construction.  Eventually (meaning as soon as I learn how to make pages within pages) I will give more detail about the topics and services available.  In the meantime, please contact me if you have questions.

One of the things I enjoyed about my years working at a counseling center was the opportunity to do a wide range of things.  In addition to psychotherapy, I got to supervise, present workshops, teach classes, make speeches, consult with faculty and administrators, and write.  Before my life as a psychologist, I worked as a church minister where I had the chance to teach, preach, plan and lead retreats, lead music, train teachers, and, oh yes, drive a bus and sit up all night with teenagers who had far more energy than I did.

In short, I love variety and enjoy conveying information with people in many different ways.  Listed below are some of the kinds of services I am available to provide as well as some topics of particular interest.  I am also willing to tailor services to your agency’s or group’s needs.

Some favorite topics

Write for your life:  Writing as a means of self-discovery and healing

Grief: Living with inevitable and unexpected losses

Finding the spiritual in the everyday

Being male in today’s world

Finding balance in your life

Mindful living

Using Active Learning in your teaching

Some specific services


Sometimes the most effective approach to bringing a group together is with extended shared time in the form of a day-long or weekend retreat.  I will work with a group to structure a retreat that focuses on group development, personal growth, goal setting, or to study a particular topic in depth.  I have facilitated numerous retreats for different organizations, such as churches and mental health organizations.


I have extensive experience with workshops and presentations on a variety of topics.  I believe that while the information is important, the method for conveying that information can be just as important.  Therefore, tailoring the format to the group is crucial.  I have extensive experience providing interactive workshops for small groups, instructive seminars for larger groups, and lectures and speeches for groups where interaction is not part of the instructive goal.


I have experience with teaching on the college level and with training college faculty in the use of active and interactive teaching/learning approaches.

Resources for Churches

  • Guest preaching
  • Seminar leadership
  • Spiritual growth retreats for youth, adults, leadership
  • Teacher/Leadership training
  • Consultation to ministers

Organizational Consultation

  • avoid/prevent burnout
  • balance work life and personal life
  • build healthy relationships in the workplace
  • identity and clarify core issues
  • articulate goals and develop strategies for reaching them
  • develop decision-making competency
  • discover and enhance creativity and strengths
  • clarify complex concerns or resolve conflicts

Group interventions

I have experience in debriefing with groups affected by a traumatic event or a group loss.  Timely and sensitive responses to life-changing events are crucial for individuals and groups affected by trauma.  I will work with leadership to provide services appropriate for your group.  He will also help the group develop appropriate follow-up responses.

Customize services according to the need

Not every situation lends itself to a neatly defined service, and no one kind of service or method of delivery fits every group.  While I have a number of prepared topics, I work with a group or organization to customize an experience based on identified needs or wishes.

You can contact me through jdpowell@justenoughlight.com