The articles written for this website are my views.  I am responsible for them, no one else.  Of course, there is nothing new under the sun.  Any wisdom or insight found in these lines has been gleaned from the many people and experiences that came my way.  Therefore, whatever is original is the personal slant I offer.  If I’ve borrowed something, I have tried to give credit.

Occasionally I mention agencies, colleagues, former clients, former students, friends, or family members.  If you are included in one of these articles, I have done my best to sufficiently disguise your identity so that you are not recognizable by anyone else, except in cases of friends or family members I specifically want the world to know about.

My intention is to write things that are important to me.  If they aren’t helpful or enlightening to you, I hope at least I am doing no harm. I am simply speaking my truth.  I am not providing counseling through these articles, though I believe anything that speaks some truth can also be therapeutic. I hope you can use it in your own way.

Some articles in this website have been printed elsewhere.  Some have appeared as opinion articles in newspapers, some as informational pieces in newsletters, some as speeches and other presentations.  Thank you for being a venue for my words.  Again, these organizations and groups are not responsible for the content.  I am.  Don’t go after them if you take issue with what’s written.  Contact me.

My thoughts and opinions change.  Not every day, of course, but over time.  I hope yours do, too.  If our views don’t change, we’re not thinking very much. The views I express today are likely quite different from what I would have written several years ago, and my thoughts today are not likely my final thoughts and opinions about anything.  Information sources, world events, and links change over time.  I’ll do my best to be accurate and to keep my typos and grammatical errors to a minimum.  I’d rather you take issue with my ideas than my grammar or punctuation.

Some of the images I use are my own.  Most are not.  I get most of them from Google Images.  It is not my intention to violate any copyrights or to offend anyone with them.  Let me know if that happens.

I invite comments.  Please let me know if you find my articles helpful and enlightening or if you take issue with them or think I’m nuts.  If you find them boring, I guess you simply won’t revisit.  Regarding comments to my articles, I am not responsible, nor will I be held liable for anything written in the comments, nor the laws that they may break through their comments’ content, implication, and intent.  If I find a comment to be offensive to a person or group, I will delete it.  In short, use the comments to inform me of your opinion, not to trash me or someone else.

It is my intention to eventually make money from this blog.  That is not yet the case, but when it becomes the case, I will include a disclosure statement so you know what’s going on.  The Federal Trade Commission will want to know that as well.

As a psychologist, I know the power and importance of language.  The spoken word was the primary tool of my trade for many years.  In a website such as this, the written word is the tool.  Language is a tricky thing, easily misused and more easily misunderstood.  I will do my best to use language that communicates my thoughts clearly, but I cannot be responsible for translation or interpretation of content beyond my original writing.

As in other websites, the content in this one is copyrighted.  Feel free to use it, talk about it, or even copy it, but please give me credit.  If you make a profit from things I have written, let me know how much and I’ll send you a bill for my part.

If legal action is brought against me or my website (and I can’t imagine why that would happen), claims are limited to what I have in my pockets at the time.  In short, don’t sue me, write me and tell me what your concern is.