Lent: the boy who did not know he was asleep

It’s easy to cheer for the Prodigal Son, the young man who rebelled, ran away from home, squandered his inheritance, hit the bottom, had a transformative experience (woke up), and came home to the waiting arms of his father who never gave up on him. It’s the stuff of Hallmark movies, except Hallmark does not […]

“Are you a racist?” is the wrong question

“Are you a racist?”  That was a question shouted by a reporter to Donald Sterling as the L.A. Clipper’s owner headed for his car.   It’s a provocative question, but it’s the wrong question for Sterling, and it’s the wrong question for each of us.  Except in cases where a person is hateful or ignorant enough […]

Locked in a room with open doors

Judy and the kids were out of town for a few days.  The evenings and the coming weekend were my own.  Unless an emergency arose, I had no one else’s needs to consider in deciding what to do with my time.  After spending a few quiet evenings, I decided to take on a project for […]

More ways we get locked in

More articles about being locked in a room with open doors are on their way.  We get locked into jobs, relationships, commitments, lifestyles.  They may even be desirable parts of our lives, but without some attention to why we are in those things, we can feel trapped.  Visit again for more.