Report from the cottage in Maine:

Until three years ago, I resisted spending time at the cottage alone for one reason. When the sun goes down, it’s dark. And it’s remote. And being in a place like this kicks in all my old childhood fears of the dark. I have kerosene lanterns and battery-operated flashlights for inside, but you can’t see what’s outside in the acres of woods on all sides.

IMG_1891Last year, while working on my computer in my “study,” pictured at the right, I called one of my brothers. He asked how I was doing here all alone, and I commented, “I’m fine. I’m sitting here at the table in the living room working at my computer. I wouldn’t know it if someone were standing right outside this window.” I immediately freaked myself out.

The kerosene lanterns were the inspiration for my blog title “Just enough light.”

One more picture just before dark.