I’m still a beginner. I am far from being grateful in all things. Just this morning I got pissed of with someone who took WAAAAY too long in line at my office (Starbucks). I silently wished them a crappy day. Back to square one.

Gratitude in all circumstances is an aspiration, not an accomplishment.

Gratitude is like humility. You don’t achieve it. “Look how humble I am now.”

Gratitude is not something you check off a list. “Grateful. Did it.”

Gratitude is a mindset, a way of approaching and looking at life, moment by moment. Gratitude as an attitude.

I am more likely to be grateful throughout the day if I start with gratitude in the morning. Not gratitude for a particular moment or thing, but gratitude as an umbrella over my day.

“I’m grateful I woke up this morning. I’m grateful to have another shot at living. There are lots of comfortable and comforting things I could feel grateful for, but instead I want to be consciously grateful for everything and everyone that comes my way today. I have much to learn from them.”

When I can get into that mindset, I am far better at being in the moments as they come, grateful for yet another one.

When I get my shorts in a bunch, being grateful even for that moment allows an immediate course correction.