Well, it happened as we knew it would. Some fundamental wing nut “Christian pastors” opened their mouths from the pulpit in the wake of the Orlando massacre, and hatred spewed out. Their message: those who were killed deserved it because they were homosexual. Because their behavior is condemned in the Bible, their death is not something we should grieve. In fact, as one “pastor” put it, it’s a shame more were not killed.

Damn! They are making Christians look bad, and we don’t need any help with that. We do a fine job of distorting Biblical teachings to fit our personal, slightly paranoid prejudices without any help from those who are truly hateful. And disturbed.

If we are anything but deeply saddened by the losses, morally outraged at a society and at individuals who promulgate such hate, and making efforts to support our LGBT brothers and sisters, we have no business calling ourselves Christians.